Why We Donate in Multiples of $18

Each Hebrew letter has a numerical equivalent, and the sum of the letters that create the Hebrew word for life, CHAI, is 18, chet  (numerical value of 8) plus yud (numerical value of 10). As a result of its connection to the word for life, the number 18 is considered a special number in Jewish tradition. For this reason, Jews frequently make gifts or charitable contributions in multiples of $18.

A Deluxe Oneg includes the following:

  • Challah
  • WIne
  • 4 Bowls of Nuts and/or Snack Mix
  • 3 Trays of Sweets
  • 1 Tray of Fruit
  • 1 Tray of Cheese & Crackers
  • 1 Tray Veggies & Dip
  • Paper Goods
  • Ice Water
  • Variety of Soft Drinks
  • Hot Water for Tea and Instant Coffee
  • Flowers for the Serving Table

Deluxe Oneg


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