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Agudath Israel Etz Ahayem Sisterhood women have formed lifelong bonds. It is an organization of women dedicated to the enhancement of the lives of the congregation of Agudath Israel Etz Ahayem, as well as the local community. As a fundraising arm of the shul, they put on various events, dinners and programs that not only raise money, but also create a sense of community at the shul.


Sisterhood is for all women at AIEA. The best part of Sisterhood is the mix of women from all age groups. The Sisterhood board sponsors programs designed to appeal to everyone. Plus, the mix of diverse women enables long-term members to provide their invaluable knowledge and experience to newer members, so that Sisterhood thrives. Newer and younger members bring fresh ideas and their own experiences to the organization.

The AIEA Sisterhood brings the synagogue many annual favorites and

new events throughout the year. A few examples of Sisterhood events include:

  • Lunch with a doctor who spoke about the health benefits of plant-based diets

  • Hanukkah Hoopla family event

  • The Purim project 

  • The annual Sisterhood Shabbat, where members conduct the Friday night Kabblat Shabbat, followed by a Shabbat dinner

  • Torah Fund Luncheon, supporting the education of future rabbis, cantors, educators, and scholars

  • Sisterhood runs a Judaica gift shop and sells a cookbook of recipes from the AIEA congregation.  

If you are a member of AIEA, you can log in to the website and check out the Sisterhood section for upcoming events and news.



Sharon Allen & Emily Allen Rosen



Ruby Goldfield

Membership Vice President

Esther Miller 

Ways & Means Vice President



Chris Ginsburg & Amy Labovitz

Programming Vice President

Elaine Kirkpatrick

Financial Secretary

Stephanie Blondheim

Recording Secretary

Irene Kramer


If you would like to contact the AIEA Sisterhood, please send an email to


Sandy Cauthen

Rosh Hashanah Apples & Honey


Linda Smith & Emily Allen Rosen

Break the Fast Dinner

Adena Kramer & Irene Kramer

Sukkot Refreshment

Esther Miller

Simchat Torah Dinner

Sharon Allen

Hanukkah Hoopla Chair

Esther Miller

Hanukkah Hoopla Lunch

Chris Ginsburg & Amy Labovitz

Sisterhood Shabbat Dinner

Kathy Hess, Yvette Hochberg & Irene Kramer

Sisterhood Shabbat Service

Dale Evans & Esther B Labovitz

Shalach Manot Bags

Emily Allen Rosen &  Linda R Smith 

Gift Shop

Donna Richburg

Meeting Decorations

Jo Anne Rousso


Linda Smith

Shiva Pantry 

Elaine Kirkpatrick

Torah Fund

Emily Allen Rosen

Tribute Funds

Irene Kramer

D’Var Torah

Betty Ziri

Mitzvah Projects


Carolyn Bern

Book Club

Carolyn Bern & Betty Ehrlich

Good and Welfare

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