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APR 1, 2021

JERRY FINKELSTEIN ~ by Dr. Sheila Guidry
My brother Jerry Finkelstein was a kind and decent person. What I remember best about him was our talks reminiscing about old times. Most of all, he was a loyal Alabama Crimson Tide fan. I just know he would be proud of the team and the job they did this year.

JERRY FINKELSTEIN ~ My Husband by Linda Finkelstein
I only had him for 10 years, but oh, what an amazing journey we had until G-d called him home.
G-d blessed me with the most loving, giving and caring man I have known. When we married, Jerry accepted my disabled son as his own, even helping me financially with his surgeries and college career. Jerry said Nicholas was not his stepson but his son.

After he was called home, I discovered that while serving in the Navy as a corpsman aboard the USS Boxer during the Dominican Republic crisis, the surgical team that Jerry was assigned to received a Letter of Commendation, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal and the National Defense Service Medal.

Jerry loved to be with people ... all people! Jerry never met anyone he didn't like. He said "hi" to everyone and if he had a chance he would sit down and get to know them. His laugh was contagious and there was no way you couldn't smile and join in with him. He was loved by so many people and he wore his heart on his chest. He was a man of compassion, love and peace.
The man I love is a blessing from G-d and I am so glad I was able to share a little bit about him with you. I love you, Jerry!

JERRY FINKELSTEIN ~ My Dad by John Finkelstein
To be adopted at age 7 is nothing short of amazing. It is close to the same as being "chosen." Gerald, affectionally addressed by others as Jerry, but to me was Dad.

My loving earthly father who was eventually a cancer survivor; my blessed elderly father who endorsed and lovingly supported my dreams, gifts, career and family in general - is still missed by me today.

Having served as a medic is an example of his ability to shower compassion, healing and mercy to all people - including me.

Dad walked with me many times to supervise and oversee me due to my seizure frequency. He took me fishing, bowling and even attended many of my music recitals when unpopular in the traditional South.

His smile was inviting, uplifting and captivating. In essence, I love him and miss my dad - a gentleman's gentleman and a purveyor of everything that is loving and joyful.

ELLA KELLER ~ My Aunt by Yvette M. Hochberg, MD
I am writing this in memory of my Aunt Ella Keller. She was my mother's older sister.
My best memory of her is when I visited in 1980. I was in my first year of medical school, and was quite disillusioned with life. School was harder than I thought and I knew I would never finish, have a life, love or kids.My future was doomed!!!

Very caringly, she told me how she met my Uncle Ted and that I would find my soul mate like she had. I would have a family. I would be successful. She told me our lives are like the pieces of a puzzle and that eventually my piece would find its place inside the puzzle.

However, as my life has evolved - it definitely has not turned out the way I imagined when I was that young student - I still find solace in her words.

I have my sons and my daughter-in-law. I have good people and good things in my life and now even when life hands me lemons, I know that one day my piece will fit into the puzzle. I love and miss you Aunt Ella!!!

ANNA LEE LITVAK ~ by Betty Ehrlich
Anna Lee was my only sibling. Our mother passed away when Anna Lee was 11 years old and I was 3 years old. She was more like a mother to me.

She was a very kind, thoughtful, caring and giving individual. Everybody loved her and she was everybody's friend.

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