Torah Portion Summary

From Torah Sparks by Rabbi Joyce Newmark,

a product of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism


God tells Moses to instruct the Israelites to bring gifts – precious metals, fine fabrics, skins, wood, oil, spices, and jewels – for the building of the portable sanctuary – the Mishkan – and its furnishings.


God says, “Let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.”


God gives them detailed instructions for the ark and its cover, the table, and the menorah. Next, there are the instructions for making the Mishkan’s coverings – layers of cloth, goats’ hair, and skins – from inside to outside.


Next, the wooden structure of planks and the silver and gold fittings are described.


The Mishkan also was to have a curtain to partition off the Holy of Holies and a screen for its entrance.


The altar of wood overlaid with bronze was to be placed outside the screen.


The entire Mishkan was to be surrounded by an enclosure made of linen curtains,

supported by wooden planks with bronze and silver fittings.

February 19 - 20

8 Adar 5781

Parashat Terumah

Shabbat Zachar


Shabbat Begins (Candles) – 5:17 p.m. Friday
Shabbat Ends (Havdalah) – 6:19 p.m. Saturday



Exodus 25:1 - 27:19 (Etz Hayim, p. 485)

Triennial (2nd Cycle)

Exodus 26:1 – 26:30 (Etz Hayim, p. 491)

Exodus 26:1 - 3 (Etz Hayim, p. 491)

Exodus 26:4 - 6 (Etz Hayim, p. 492)

Exodus 26:7 – 11 (Etz Hayim, p. 492)

Exodus 26:12 – 14 (Etz Hayim, p. 493)

Exodus 26:15 – 21 (Etz Hayim, p. 493)

Exodus 26:22 - 25 (Etz Hayim, p. 494)

Exodus 26:26 - 30 (Etz Hayim, p. 494)


Exodus 26:26 - 30 (Etz Hayim, p. 494)

Haftarah - Special Haftarah for Shabbat Zachar

I Samuel 15:1 – 34 (Etz Hayim, p. 1280)

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