Rabbi's Column

By Rabbi Scott Kramer


It took me a while decide how to express my feelings about Chanukah, which are many and varied. I could talk about the so-called ‘miracle’ of the rededicated Temple menorah one-day supply of oil that lasted for eight days. I could talk about the military victory of the weak (Jews/Hasmoneans) over the mighty (Assyrians). I could talk about the December Dilemma that affects most if not all Jewish families. All of these themes are well and good, but they do not reflect my feelings for this year at this time and place.

My immediate concern is for the health and welfare of our community. We are not only going through suffering with the pandemic, but also with illness of age and having several deaths makes me concerned not just for our community, but also the Alabama community and our country. We need to protect ourselves and our families from Covid-19 by practicing common sense measures we all know so well.