This Month's Yahrzeits

Updated: Jun 26

JUNE 6-12 | 14-20 SIVAN

Matilda Habib Franco 

Remembered by Morris & Leslie Capp

Hanula Israel

Leon Kermish

Remembered by Steve Kermish

Sidney Martin

Remembered by Marjorie Allen

Nathalie Bukantz

Remembered by Arnold Finkelstein

Bobby Feldman

Remembered by Joy Rousso

Herbert Lebowitz

Rosa Silverberg

Abraham Chudnovsky

Mathilda C. Franco

Remembered by Marion Varon

Jean Capouya

Remembered by Kenneth Capouya 

& Morris Capouya

Sylvan Kramer

Remembered by Rabbi Scott Kramer

Bertah Mitnick

Solomon Rousso

Ruth Bruchis

Remembered by Marcus Bruchis

Sari Chernau 

Remembered by Bobby Segall & Linda Taffet

Dora Eagle

Leo Finkelstein

Denise K.Hanan 

JUNE 13-19 | 21-27 SIVAN

Hersch Segall

Sam Coolik

Arline Miller 

Remembered by Charles Miller

Sam Tanenbaum

Sophia Segall Cowden

Herman Kleinberg

Remembered by Arlene Goldstein, 

Rhea Schneider & Billy Kleinberg

Nathan Feldman

Remembered by Mickey Feldman 

& Mark Kallick

Paul Rudnick

Remembered by Leslie Rudnick

Rebecca Tarica

JUNE 20-26 | ​28 SIVAN – 4 TAMMUZ

Mel Allen

Remembered by Larry Allen & Carolyn Bern

Irene Heller Rosenblum

Kate Kessler

Remember by Michael Smith

Sadie Shapiro

Remembered by Charles Miller

Sophie A. Coolik

Morris Segall

Jack Arogeti

Remembered by Sylvia Capouano 

Albert Freehling

Remembered by Paul Freehling

Tillie Goodman

Remembered by Richard Shinbaum 

& Kenneth Shinbaum

Manuel Held

Remembered by Irving Brenner 

& Jeffrey Brenner

JUNE 27 – JULY 3 | ​5-11 TAMMUZ

Solomon Rubin

Suzanna Varon

Remembered by Esther Varon, Bobby Segall

& Linda Taffet

Rose Bauman

Remembered by Fran Fleischman

Eli Capilouto

Remembered by Gilson Capilouto

Rachel Capp

Remembered by Esther Miller & Morris Capp

Joseph Evariso Martinez

Remembered by Yvette Hochberg

A Spiritual Union of Ashkenazi and Sephardi Traditions, uniquely suited to welcome Jews of both Ashkenazic and Sephardic backgrounds, as well as other traditions.

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