This Month's Yahrzeits

Updated: Mar 13

March 7 – 13

11 – 17 Adar

✡ Moses Cohen

✡ Yetta Goldblatt Cook

✡ Nicholos Gross

Remembered by Rosi Smith

✡ Rachel Jaffe

✡ Nat Lang

Remembered by Mickey Feldman

✡ Benjamin Margulis

Remembered by Steve Lande

✡ Marian Shinbaum

Remembered by Ken Shinbaum, Richard Shinbaum & Betty Ehrlich

✡ Consuelo “Connie” Elizondo

Remembered by Irene Kramer

✡ Bella Kraselsky

✡ Lillian Perlman

Remembered by Jeffrey Bern & Helen Bern

✡ Sara Varon Segall

Remembered by Bobby Segall & Linda Taffet

✡ Bernice Shugart

✡ Hymie Bern

Remembered by Arnold Finkelstein

✡ Ida Rousso

✡ Samuel Blitz

Remembered by Jeff Blitz & Rhonda Blitz

✡ David Coolik

✡ Meyer Kasover

✡ Harold Lightenstein

✡ Anna Lee Litvak

Remembered by Betty Ehrlich, Elaine Kirkpatrick & Barry Ehrlich

✡ Lillian Rubinstein

✡ Sarah Abromson

✡ Dr. Isaac E. Capilouto

✡ Anna Golomb

✡ Anne Levy

Remembered by Rita Rosenthal

✡ Eva Owen

Remembered by Esther Varon

✡ Philip Rubinstein

✡ Victoria Taranto

✡ Shalom Travis

March 14 – 20

18-24 Adar

✡ Roy Emanuel

Remembered by Mark Kallick

✡ Esther Cohen Lebowitz

✡ Miriam Reiner

✡ Louis Bern

Remembered by Freddi Aronov

✡ Rose Butler

Remembered by Michael Butler

✡ Fannie G. Goldfield

✡ Melanie N. Knurr

Remembered by Dr. Werner Knurr

✡ Rebecca Rich

Remembered by Esther Miller

✡ Louis Shinbaum

✡ Mathilda D. Cohen

Remembered by Marie Berlin

✡ Helen Weissberger

Remembered by Rosi Smith

✡ Faye Allen

Remembered by Mitchell Allen & Emily Allen

✡ Beulah Beton

Remembered by Doris Smith

✡ Abraham Stamm

Remembered by Donna Speigel

✡ Morris R. Franco

Remembered by Michael Cohen, Joel Cohen, David Cohen & Raymond Cohen

✡ Yale C. Friedlander

Remembered by Nathan Friedlander

✡ Rebecca Senter

✡ Reubin D. Lipman

✡ Philip Plotka

Remembered by Cindy Sharker

✡ Daniel Segall

Remembered by Steve Kermish

✡ David Segall

✡ Harvey Taffet

Remembered by Bob Taffet

✡ Buelah Avzaradel

✡ Vigdor Rafael Sarasohn

Remembered by Esther S. Labovitz

March 21 – 27

25 Adar – 2 Nissan

✡ Boly C. Avzaradel

Remembered by Gilson Capilouto

✡ Abraham Butler Remembered by Michael Buter

✡ Zeb Capouano

✡ Edward Morris Franco

Remembered by Alan Franco, Michael Cohen, Joel Cohen,

David Cohen & Raymond Cohen

✡ Ethel Goldblatt

✡ Victor Morris Hanan

✡ Barbara Kramer

Remembered by Rabbi Scott Kramer

✡ Sylvia Rubin

Remembered by Barbara Handmacher

✡ Max Steinberg

✡ David N. Varon

Remembered by Arlen Goldstein, Rhea Schneider & Billy Kleinberg

✡ Elizabeth Hobbie Wright

Remembered by Paul Freehling

✡ Nessim Beton

Remembered by Doris Smith

✡ Patricia Segall Davis

Remembered by Bobby Segall & Linda Taffet

✡ Gerard Carstens

Remembered by Stephanie Blondheim

✡ Rosie Gellerman

✡ Jacob Shinbaum

Remembered by Steve Kermish

✡ Frances Bell Corman

✡ Pinkie Hasson

Remembered by Pearl Hasson

✡ Cheri Silverman

✡ Israel Katz

✡ Morris Varon

Remembered by Esther Varon

March 28 – April 3

3 – 9 Nissan

✡ Julius Axelrod

✡ Ralph A. Franco

✡ Edith Gross

Remembered by Rosi Smith

✡ Janice Wolf Capilouto

✡ Leon J. Capeloto

✡ Selma Capouano

Remembered by Anita Capouano

✡ Ruth Shinbaum Zelen

Remembered by Irving Brenner

& Jeffrey Brenner

✡ Sara Kermish

Remembered by Steve Kermish

✡ Joseph Cohen

Remembered by Marion Varon

✡ Sue Isreal

✡ Joseph Mazer

Remembered by Fern Shinbaum

✡ Gerson Solomon

✡ Anne Wildstein

✡ Reba Brenner

Remembered by Irving Brenner

& Jeffrey Brenner

✡ Bert Worth

✡ Isador Mayer Bauman

✡ Zelda Franco

A Spiritual Union of Ashkenazi and Sephardi Traditions, uniquely suited to welcome Jews of both Ashkenazic and Sephardic backgrounds, as well as other traditions.

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